“This is for Sue, without whose help, support, and pure
bloody-mindedness this book might never have been started.”

Take One Fresh Chef – Over 40 years in the international hospitality industry, Jon Hellmrich and his wife Stephanie shared magic and madness, laughter and sadness, frustrations, and the thrill of success. Now — in these fast times when people dine out more and are more discerning about food, drink, and service — Jon takes you along on their magical journey into the world of hospitality and offers a frank look behind the scenes at what it really takes to bring a meal to your table. With a mix of hospitality history, humor, pathos, anecdotes, and downright truthfulness you’ll enjoy every morsel of this book. It is a bare-bones, behind- the-scenes look at a lifetime in a different world.

ABOUT THE AUTHORJon Hellmrich - take one freash chef

Jon has been an International Chef for over 40 yrs & wanted to share with you some of the magic & madness that goes on behind the scenes in preparing your meal. Take one fresh Chef started out as an idea for a family history – turned into a melange of characters & anecdotes from a insiders perspective. Giving the reader a ‘taste’ of an industry we all live and partake of but seldom see with any depth or understanding.


This is a gem of a book – it vividly describes the author’s experiences in the mad world of hospitality., Each chapter is a vignette from a different locality that is highlighted with John’s own brand of humour and a light touch of his philosophy. I loved the snapshots of his “whole other world” set against backdrops that range from outback Australia to South Afica during the apartheid years. Another of its strengths is the way John has portrayed the personalities he encounters on his journey – he brings people – and places – to life with a few strokes of his pen. It is quite simply a good read .